Thursday, April 21, 2016

{birthday wish list #26}

Every year the end of April rolls around and somebody ends up reminding me my birthday is coming up (May 3!)... A new month just sneaks up on me every time. I can't help it! I always like to compile a little list of things I've had my eye on to drop some hints to my parents or boyfriend (cough cough those sunglasses are on sale). I also tend to treat myself to a new bday outfit because who likes to rummage through their closets to find something cute to wear to dinner? Especially when I'm considering this my quarter life crisis birthday because I finally have to get my own health insurance #26. Growing up is hard y'all. I don't like this! So to ease my pain I will probably buy myself those tennis shoes so I can run a bit faster and get in awesome shape. JK I'll totally buy those heels over tennis shoes - let's get real here.

I just purchased some new dresses (linked over on the right underneath my bio) that will possibly work for a birthday dinner with friends so at least I will have something new and fun to wear!

Love Always,


  1. You need that off-the-shoulder top – it is SO cute. Happy early birthday :) :)

    Annie Reeves

    1. I know!! Isn't it adorable?? The color is what caught my attention first!


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