Wednesday, March 23, 2016

{soft spring colors}

Photography by Emily Smalling

The title of this post is a bit confusing... but hear me out! I wore this look (with tights) during NYFW and it was one of my favorite outfits. I loved the mock turtleneck and the way my OTK boots looked with it. Because the dress was such a soft color I didn't want a black jacket to totally over power it. So, I paired it with a white coat. I love how the color of this dress really grabs your attention and makes it the focal point. It's so unexpected! Surprisingly, this color doesn't wash me out at all - and obviously, ya girl JRog, needs a tan. ASAP! It was freeeeezing last weekend. My toes were not happy that they were out to play even though I had a pedicure. I found myself wishing my bare legs were wrapped up in these boots hiding my goosebumps :/ I broke this look out again because it shows that you can still wear spring colors while staying warm. There's no shame in wearing black boots in March y'all... I don't live in sunny Florida so if it's cold I'm gonna wear boots!! ;)

Happy Wednesday - counting down to the weekend!

Love Always

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