Wednesday, December 9, 2015

{gift guide: for your sister / for your bff}

Shop the Board:

Shop the Board:

I've got two gift guides for you today! Mainly because they're so interchangeable...

For your sister, think about what she always wants of yours. That special pair of earrings or your favorite purse? Perfect gifts to give. I always spend a little extra money on my sister... she deserves to be spoiled :) Sometimes it's easy to figure out what to get her if you would but it for yourself! (However, this really only works if you and your sister are very similar!)

For your BFF, I pick things that we enjoy doing together or quirky little inside jokes. Perhaps it's wine and music out on the patio. Helping them stay organized by gifting them your favorite daily planner or a cool frame with a picture of the two of you! It could also be something as simple as a gift certificate to your favorite nail salon or a trip together somewhere. Get dolled up and hit the town!

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