Tuesday, September 25, 2018

{workout q&a}

I've clearly been sharing a LOT about my "workout journey" (ha why does that sound so silly?!) because I get a lot of the same questions via email and DM constantly! It makes me so excited that y'all are interested in these things because it's been a very new love for me. I was always very athletic in high school and college but then "adulthood" hit and... so did the weight gain! Oh well, life happens and NOW I'm doing something about it :) If you have any questions about my nutrition program shoot me an email. I'll be doing a post on that later!

Q: Where do you buy workout clothes?
My answer is probably going to surprise a lot of y’all! I would rather put my dollars towards classes versus workout gear so I love to buy it on a budget (not a surprise). My favorite leggings are Old Navy – they have the cutest styles and are amazing quality. They don’t get see through when you bend over, they’re high waisted and they don’t pill after going through the wash once. I have about three pairs with cool mesh details, some with little laces at ankles and cropped pairs for yoga too.
I also love Old navy’s workout tops; the mesh is so lightweight and the fit is a perfect combination of loose but cut to my body shape. They go on sale a lot so some I’ve been able to snag for $7 ;) Tons of cute colors and I’ve noticed some tie-back tops that are similar to LuluLemon!
My workout bras are almost always from Forever 21. I know – you’re thinking “huh, how long have those lasted you?” Y’all these bras work soooo well for me! They have a HUGE selection and you can even choose a style based on the amount of support you need. I like that they have bras that go farther down your rib cage. I love wearing those with high waisted leggings to get a “cool workout girl” look (that’s totally a thing, don't deny it). My biggest tip is to take out the pads when you wash them and toss them in the regular load – they tend to fold in half if you leave them inside and they’re easy to pop back in post dryer.

Q: What is your routine?
It’s hard to say I have a “routine” because my class schedule changes based on work. I used to be religious with my 305 classes and do Monday’s at 6:30pm and Wednesdays’ at 6:00am but life happens… I’ve learned to be flexible with my schedule and not get too addicted to one class or instructor (but I def have my favorites haha). My current routine is to workout at least 3-4 times a week (if I’m in DC for the weekend I always schedule a Saturday class too). As long as I schedule those classes a week in advance there’s no backing down. I like to mix it up so I try to do: weights at home, a 305 cardio class, a Blast DC HIIT class, and add in a Barre3 class for a week of workouts.
I will say that I never miss a Monday workout. Starting the week off on a healthy note really sets me on track for the week. Days that I don’t have classes scheduled I will try to squeeze in 30 minutes of toning. These are just quick 30 minute YouTube videos that I’ve saved over the years or that friends have sent to me. I’ve found that if I do cardio all the time I get burned out faster by the end of the week. So the YouTube workouts are yoga related or sets of arm/abs movements (gotta give my legs and knees a break).
I also try to walk home when the weather is nice – it’s about 1.5 miles for me so I pop on some music and just move my body. So crucial since I sit at a desk most days! I’m dreading the sun setting earlier because I don’t walk home when it’s dark out #safety.

Q: What’s your motivation?
If you’re new around here (hi!) you may not know this but I lost my father to cancer in January. It was a long 4 years of watching him deal with his diagnosis (stage 4 prostate cancer that spread to his bones and white blood cells) but the worst part was when his mobility dwindled. He went from a cane to a walker to not being able to move at all and I realized that I needed to be grateful for the ability to dance and run. I had the freedom to get out there and be active but I wasn’t taking care of my body. When I graduated college I was in great shape, could eat whatever I wanted, drink anything and have no hangover, and still stayed skinny. After working full time and going through a couple of personal things my body changed. I slowed down and lost a lot of muscle and began hating the way I looked – that’s a lot coming from someone who puts photos of herself on the internet! Yikes! I saw a photo of myself with my brother and sister at my dad’s service and didn’t recognize myself. That was my wake up moment. That photo is my motivation. Because I was in the lowest spot (mentally, emotionally, and physically) that I have ever been in and I made a promise to myself that night that things were going to change. For good.
Since then I’ve lost 16 lbs – but that number is shrinking :) because I’m gaining muscle!! Seeing the progress I’ve made and knowing that I’m taking care of myself... That is what motivates me nowadays. I feel better in my skin and my clothes fit like they’re supposed to. I still have parts of my body that I’m learning to love but I’m always going to be working on myself! It’s kind of fun knowing that I can change the way I feel by committing to myself.

Q: Favorite type of workout?
Y’all know I live for my ((305)) Fitness workouts! But I also love yoga, SoulCycle, barre [Barre3 specifically], and the Blast Life. Yoga and Barre are great for toning and stretching your muscles out more. I broke my tailbone in college so I tend to sit crooked and put more weight on one side of my booty – this puts a lot of pressure and pain on my lower back. Strengthening my lower back muscles is crucial for my body so that I don’t hurt myself even more. The Blast Life is similar to Orange Theory that everyone loves. It’s a combination of running intervals on a treadmill (which I loathe) and doing HIIT workouts – going back and forth between the treadmill and floor exercises helps me not die on a treadmill and it makes the class go by a lot faster!
Q: Do you like to run?
I have a love/hate relationship with running… I think if I was running in a more scenic area that it would be a great stress reliever. However, living in the city I get frustrated easily with slow walkers on the sidewalk – if I’m running this is only exasperated haha. If I’m on the beach I love to go for a run and take in my surroundings and explore! So basically, I don’t run ;)

Q: What is 305?
((305)) Fitness is the best thing that’s ever happened to me! It’s a dance class that combines choreography, HIIT [high intensity interval training], cardio, and strength training with a bit of hip hop at the end! There is an instructor, a live DJ, and lights (think colors and black lights changing with the music). It all kind of makes me feel like I’m in a music video. I danced my entire life growing up and stopped when I went to college (I wish there had been classes available!) There’s nothing more liberating than dancing while getting a great sweat in and twerking with your friends (yep – twerking). The DC studio has become my safe haven and happy place. I feel like a million bucks when I walk into that studio and begin moving across that dance floor. Nobody feels dumb, everyone is a dancing machine, and the instructors are so uplifting (hard to not feel awesome when you’re shaking your booty and the instructor yells “get it, Jenn! You go girl!”

Q:  How do you stay on track?
I always set my classes a week in advance – this way I know my social schedule and my work calendar so nothing interferes with each other. I haaate getting charged for missing a class so I like to be 100% positive I’m not setting myself up for failure. I feel better when I workout and stay active so that’s been a huge driver in staying consistent.
The best part about your own individual health journey is if you “fall off the wagon” it’s so easy to get back on!! Do I have weeks where I don’t workout at all? YES. Do I eat 3 donuts in one day? YES (they were apple cider donuts hot out of the oven so #duh). All you have to do is commit to something and you can do it (also - I never forget my motivation).

Q: Do you normally lift weights?
If you put me in a weight room alone I would have absolutely NO idea what to do.. I could do a couple of reps that I’ve learned from YouTube videos but that would last me about 10 minutes. I’m working on getting better but I really value an instructor and having someone tell me what to do! I constantly screenshot things I’ve found on the internet or Pinterest. My favorite toning exercise is to do planks and chair sits!

Those were all the questions I've been getting recently. If I missed something, or you have another question, please leave a comment or reach out! I'm still learning this #FitLife (lol) every day so having accountability from y'all is amazing - I'd love to be that for you too!

Love Always,

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  1. Wow! This is such a trendy outfit. I was also planning to buy beyond yoga leggings and now I am definitely going to make that investment. I guess I am going to follow this blog religiously from now on. It has good information and I simply loved your style.


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